Wellington-based Merge Communications introduces Samsung Knox: Samsung’s hidden gem.

The name Samsung is synonymous with global electronics excellence, encompassing mobile phones, tablets, televisions, and even refrigerators. But what if we told you about Samsung’s well-kept secret – Samsung Knox? Enter Merge Communications, a Wellington-based team that is bringing this gem into the limelight.

The team at Merge Communications is willing to bet you haven’t heard of Samsung Knox. It’s the pinnacle of Samsung’s Mobile Device Management offerings.

Mobile Device Management might sound like tech jargon, but its impact is profound. This technology enables centralised control of mobile devices through a software platform. Tasks like enforcing security settings, branding, deploying business applications, ensuring data backups, managing updates, and safeguarding corporate information can all be orchestrated through this Mobile Device Management platform, ensuring uniformity and security across the fleet of devices in the field.

Picture this: a new employee receives a mobile phone, fully tailored to their needs, without any complicated setup. When the device is powered up for the first time, it effortlessly connects to the Mobile Device Management platform, self-configuring in minutes. This ensures employees have a secure and provisioned device ready to go almost instantly.

“Merge strives to provide fitting business solutions, not just products and services”.

– Paul Butterworth, Merge Communications Co-Founder.

No longer the exclusive domain of massive corporations, Mobile Device Management has become accessible and affordable even for small businesses with as few as 10-15 devices.

Knox represents Samsung’s take on Mobile Device Management. Offering a blend of competitive pricing, comprehensive features, and top-notch security, Knox stands out as one of the best value-for-money options on the market. Merge Communications proudly brings this powerhouse product to New Zealand.

Industries ranging from healthcare providers to haulage companies and even pizza delivery services are recognising the growing necessity of Mobile Device Management. What was once considered a luxury is now becoming a vital asset.

Merge Communications is excited to champion Samsung Knox’s arrival in New Zealand. As businesses across the nation increasingly understand its potential, Knox is transforming from a hidden gem to a must-have solution that drives efficiency and security in the world of modern communication.

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