Why winter is a good time to wash your home with Exterior Washing Services Rotorua.

Winter is the perfect time to have the exterior of your home cleaned says with Rotoroa’s cleaning experts, Exterior Washing Services.

The cold and wet weather brings with it moss, mould, lichen and mildew which can show up on any exterior surface of your home. If there is any already existing dirt or grime on the exterior of your home, this helps moss, mould, lichen and mildew grow and thrive. You can nip this issue in the bud, is to have you home washed and sterilised, making it very hard for mould to set back in. 

Mould can degrade the exterior paint and brick if left on the surface too long. “At Exterior Washing Services we utilise a low pressure, non-toxic solution to wash away all dirt, dust and grime from house and building exteriors,” says Exterior Washing Services owner/operator, Johnny Saini.

During Autumn your gutters would be working overtime with the amount of leaves and water that went through them. This makes winter the perfect time to have them all thoroughly cleaned out and inspected for any damage or leaks. Leaking gutters and blocked gutters can cause significant damage to your building. Overflowing gutters can cause water to damage your home’s siding, roof or foundations. “A regularly cleaned gutter allows incoming water from your roof, eliminating the threat of excess weight and pooling,” advises Johnny.

It’s not only buildings that can gather mould, moss and algae. Outside pathways can become very slippery during the winter months making it accident waiting to happen. A thorough clean can not only reduce this health hazard but it can also improve its appearance. “With a low pressure wash your paths, driveways and decks will look like new, it’s amazing the difference it can make,” adds Johnny.

People tend to use their outdoor space less in winter, which makes it the perfect time to clean and spruce up the outdoor areas. Don’t go out into the wet and cold, leave it to the professionals at Exterior Washing Services Rotorua the professionally clean your home. They can service residential and commercial buildings through the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato. For a free quote, give Johnny at Exterior Washing Services a call on 021 150 6361.

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