Yes Finance applauds the Sorted In Schools financial capability programme.

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Leading Auckland based finance company, Yes Finance has come out in support of the Commission for Financial Capability’s (CFFC) new initiative that will allow students to earn NCEA credits through learning about finance.

“Financial education is important. Teaching our kids to be money smart will go a long way in setting them up for a financially capable future,” says Yes Finance Director, Peter Steel.

Sorted in Schools

Sorted in Schools is all about ensuring that our young people are equipped with good money habits.  The program is government funded, free for all secondary schools and was designed by teachers for teachers.

The resources from Sorted In Schools financial capability programme are aligned with unit standards and have NZQA accreditation allowing students to gain credits in level 1 and 2 with merit and excellence endorsements.

Education For All

“With adding the ability to earn NCEA credits, this will be a good incentive to get students involved with financial education,” adds Peter. Teachers who are incorporating the Sorted in Schools resources into their lessons describe a high level of engagement among students.

It will also be available in Te Reo Māori for teaching in Kura and Te Reo classes. Not only that, but they’ve have also been co-created with Kaiako to express a Māori world view. It will take a more holistic approach to enhance whānau and community wellbeing.


The Covid-19 pandemic has demonstrated that we need to financially plan for the unexpected. The Sorted In Schools financial capability programme will be great for teaching students to become more financially resilient so they can better weather unexpected financial chaos.

New Zealand students are growing up in a time where online shopping is at their fingertips, making them a target for credit cards and high-interest loans.  The programme will teach students how to avoid the traps of high credit, loans and other forms of financial stress.

A Different Future

New Zealand’s aging population means that today’s students are looking at a very different future than their parents. According to when young kiwis reach their sixties 25% of New Zealanders will be over 65 years old. It is also projected there will be only 2.5 workers for every retiree, this means young people today need to reach retirement in decent financial health so they can support themselves.


Research from CFFC shows that 16-24 year olds are, vulnerable to falling into debt that can hold them back. Also, over 80 per cent of school leavers also said that they wished they had learned more about money at school.


“Young Kiwis need to be empowered in a way that allows them to manage a financially secure future while still being able to do the things they’d like to in life,” advises Peter. The Sorted In Schools financial capability programme will provide a pathway to help students learn about such things as the cost of flatting or getting a student loan amongst other financial topics.

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