A Jack of All Trades, the Devonport Pharmacy has Got Your Back

Opened in February 2009, the Devonport Pharmacy has become a quality community space in the small beach town of Devonport on the North Shore of Auckland. 

The first owner of Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy was a businesswoman who had immigrated to New  Zealand in 1999. Her lifelong dream was to own a business and after learning about the community she decided a pharmacy was the way to go. It grew to become the versatile pharmacy it is today due to the enormous support of the community. 

Over the years it has only changed hands once and rebranded twice. It now includes a natural health food store, Hardy’s, a nurse’s vaccination clinic and a sleep clinic. 

From wound care to vaccinations, the Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy supplies a variety of services for its customers. Due to its futuristic thinking, they are aiming to implement new services not yet widely used to create a more dynamic pharmacy.  

We endeavour to implement every service that is available in Pharmacy in addition to new services not yet made widespread because we are dynamic and futuristic in thinking,” says  pharmacist Nancy Nasef. 

“If it weren’t for our customers, where would we be? To show we care we also sponsor several community ventures such as Kids Can, the squash club, the Devonport Santa Parade, and the  Belmont School app. Requests from the community are also received,” she says. 

“We are driven by community needs and aim to support the community in the same way they supported us through COVID and other hardships. Because we care we offer ‘over and beyond’  high-quality customer service.” 

Initiating telehealth has made receiving health care easier and more convenient in a time where contactless service is prominent. For those people concerned to go out at a time like this Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy has created a way to have peace of mind. 

“We are pioneers in the service development of telehealth through social health education and virtual or telephone consults. There is so much more work to come, and we are trailblazers in this  area of the Pharmacy industry.” 

The Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy is a top-notch facility that aims to please. Their forward-thinking and high regard for customers will ensure customer concerns are treated with respect. 

Services the Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy offers: 

Vaccination and Travel clinic  

Paediatric Nurse Services and wound dressing  

Sleep clinic  

Foot care services  

Natural Health Consults 

Hair follicle tests  

Mobility equipment sales

Compression stockings 

So don’t hesitate to come along and meet the amazing staff of the Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy.  

Devonport 7 Day Pharmacy 

31a Bartley Terrace, Devonport, Auckland 

Phone: (09)445 4000 

Fax: (09) 446 6601 

Email: devonport7day@gmail.com 

Website: www.247pharmacy.co.nz 


Email: Phillip@medaipa.co.nz 

Phone: 0274 587 724  

Website: mediapa.co.nz