Registered Chartered Accounting Firm Drumm Nevatt & Associates Limited’s Top Seven Accounting Trends In New Zealand for 2022

Registered Chartered Accounting firm Drumm Nevatt & Associates Limited, based in East Auckland and Tauranga, keeps you up to date with the top seven accounting trends for 2022.

1) Automation of Tasks: – Many of the number-crunching administrative tasks usually associated with accountants have been automated by technology. Like nearly every industry in 2022 technology is changing the face of accounting.

2)A Greater Focus on Advisory Services- Due to the automation of administrative tasks what makes a great accountant has changed and advisory services have become more important. Drumm Nevatt & Associates has a great range of advisory services including business planning, development and coaching.

3) A Shift To Becoming More Personal- Out with the old intimidating and cold accountant meeting where you simply go through numbers you struggle to understand. Accountants are becoming more friendly and personal. DNA’s friendly team offer a professional service with a personal touch and are here to guide you through the complex world of accounting.

4) Flexible Packages- Cookie cutter bookkeeping services are no longer the trend in 2022. In 2022 businesses are more diverse than ever and this means that accountants need to be more flexible to cater to them. The team at DNA is happy to cater their packages to suit you perfectly.

5) Remote Services- Covid-19 forced remote working and meetings. Even as the restrictions lift more businesses are realising that work can be done remotely. This applies to accounting. Not only can accountants work from home more but meeting with clients can also be done remotely.

6)Accountants With Soft Skills- Again this ties into the automation of administrative tasks. It is becoming more valuable that an accountant has soft skills. These are things like creativity, problem-solving and interpersonal skills. This improves the overall client experience.

7) Demand For Crypto Services- More people are opting to have crypto as part of their portfolio. This means that having an accountant that can manage crypto is becoming more relevant in 2022.

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