AgSafe from Hamilton is working to keep your Farmers safe one Policy at a time

After a team who can help you stay safe and organized on your farm? AgSafe is the crew for you.

They offer many services to keep you and your employees safe and prepared. Here is a range:

  1. Health and Safety Plans for Contractors

AgSafe will review your policy and the contractor’s policy. From there they will provide a document that can be reviewed for appropriate fit between contractor and farmer.

  1. Manage a farmer’s compliance 

When you have no time for Health and safety reports, AgSafe can sort out the hassle for you. They will be there for your business.

  1. Manage incidents and accidents

Managing an incident or accident can then lead to a reduction of repeat instances. AgSafe knows how important it is to understand what is going on around the farm and solve problems.

  1. GPS mapping

Call AgSafe for a quote to create an accurate GPS-generated map to help manage the farm. You will never have an excuse to get lost trying to find the water tank out back again.

  1. General Farm Consultancy Services

Farm consultancy is a multifaceted business where the consultant becomes an asset to the farm. AgSafe’s principal consultant, James (Jim) Findlay has over 40years of experience to guide you along. 

  1. Financial budget and account analysis

The multitalented team at AgSafe can have all your bases covered. Sometimes an experienced eye is all you need.

  1. Farm business plans and farm purchase

No matter the farm-related task, AgSafe has got your back even in those big decision moments.

Look no further than AgSafe for your farming policy needs.


Phone: 0508safefarm (0208723332)


Address: Innovation Park, Hamilton, 3216