Biome Christchurch: 6 reasons to get your carpet cleaned every year

  1. Prevents buildup of allergens and bacteria 

Carpet cleaning has many benefits for the residents’ household, preventing the buildup of allergens and bacteria should be at the forefront of protecting your own and your family’s health. Carpet cleaning is often something forgotten in your regular spring-cleaning process but is a valuable tool for making your home a healthy environment for you and your loved ones.

  1. Prolongs the life of carpeting 

We all know how expensive new carpeting can be, to prolong the life of your carpet and prevent an expensive upheaval and replacement carpet cleaning can prolong the life of your carpet by extracting harmful particles that decrease the lifespan of your carpet and destroy any softness.

  1. Protects indoor air quality

By removing the harmful particles trapped inside your carpet fibers carpet cleaning can improve the air quality of your home, improve the health of your lungs, as well as remove any odors that have built up over time with the help of pets and children.  

  1. Makes carpets easier to maintain – 

We all know that some marks won’t come out with a good vacuum, especially in those high traffic areas, carpet cleaning can ease the maintenance of your flooring by ensuring any well-trodden areas come back fresher looking and smelling than before.

  1. Removes spots and stains – 

Many stubborn spots or stains can be a nightmare to remove with some seeming impossible, professional carpet cleaning can save you the hassle and the eyesore by removing the marks that are seemingly impossible to remove from your beloved home and providing your home with a fresher cleaner feeling.

  1. Removes dust mites 

Carpet cleaning has shown to be an effective solution to removing allergens in your home such as dust mites with professional carpet cleaning has shown to remove dust mites living in your carpet fibers by 87%.


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