Navigating Business: The Entrepreneurial Journey of Harvey (Graeme) Foote

After selling his first business, Harvey (Graeme) Foote joined Advantage Business Advisors, where his role transcended from being a business owner to a beacon of guidance for others. At Advantage Business Advisors, Harvey dedicates his expertise to helping business owners navigate through their problems and achieve the success they’ve dreamt of. His approach is holistic, focusing on key areas such as People, Finance, Systems, Growth, and Succession, ensuring a well-rounded strategy for success.

Targeting SMEs across various sectors, Harvey’s mission is to bridge the gap between the dream of business ownership and the often harsh reality of managing one. He recognises that many business owners embark on their journeys with grand aspirations—be it the desire for flexible working hours, the pursuit of wealth, or the aim to contribute positively to their communities. Yet, the reality of business can be starkly different, with many finding themselves entangled in a web of challenges.

Harvey’s work is pivotal in rekindling the original dreams of business owners. By assisting them in navigating challenges and seizing opportunities, he enables them to transform their businesses into the ventures they always envisioned. His approach is not just about business development; it’s about realising personal and professional dreams.

Outside of his professional life, Harvey is passionate about fishing, golf, and travel—interests that not only provide him with a much-needed respite from the business world but also reflect his appreciation for life’s finer, simpler pleasures.

Though new to networking groups, Harvey’s journey and contributions make him an invaluable member of any business community. His story is a testament to the power of resilience, the importance of mentorship, and the impact of giving back, both in business and in life.

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