Felipe Rapucci: Pioneering Authenticity in Tattoos and Digital Connectivity

In 2014, Felipe Rapucci established Good Honest Tattoos with a definitive aim: to offer exceptional tattoos and permanent make-up at straightforward prices, while also fostering outstanding customer interactions. The name of the business itself reflects Felipe’s commitment to honesty, quality, and the positive impact his work aims to have on both individuals and the broader community. Specialising in bespoke tattoos, digital art, permanent make-up, and entertainment, Good Honest Tattoos stands out for its dedication to creativity, quality, and a personalised service, ensuring each piece of art is as unique as its wearer.

Throughout his 25 years of tattooing and listening to all types of customers he has come up with solutions for everyday problems through app technology and product creation. Beyond tattooing, Rapucci’s innovative spirit led to the creation of the Walk-ins Available app in 2022, designed to revolutionise how small to medium businesses connect with customers through a seamless digital platform.

The studio extends a warm invitation to individuals aged 18 and over, who are in search of distinctive and imaginative tattoos and permanent make-up solutions. Felipe takes pride in being an exceptional listener with a creative mindset, focusing on addressing simple yet commonly overlooked problems, thus making life easier for his clients.

The Walk-ins Available app provides businesses and service providers with a platform for direct customer interaction. This app facilitates visibility, booking, and product sales, all within a user-friendly interface that integrates aspects of Google Search, Google Maps, Instagram, and traditional booking systems into a single, innovative solution.

His dedication to progress, evolution, and awareness underscores a forward-thinking approach.

Balancing projects, family life, and business has been both rewarding and challenging for Felipe, encapsulating his passion and love for his craft. Navigating the journey hasn’t been without its challenges, from balancing self-employment with family commitments to overcoming the hurdles associated with being a tattoo artist from abroad. The burgeoning competition within Hamilton, where the number of tattoo parlours has risen significantly, underscores the resilience and commitment required to stay ahead in the industry.

Felipe’s interests in the arts, sports, technology, and family life blend harmoniously with his professional ethos. His approach to social giving extends beyond mere financial contributions, focusing on creating systems and ideas that facilitate community growth and individual empowerment. He is passionate about supporting rehabilitation programmes for young offenders, recovery initiatives for individuals struggling with addiction, and environmental sustainability efforts.

Having experienced the benefits of networking groups, especially Business Connect, Felipe is eager to continue fostering connections with like-minded individuals, aiming to create a better future for our planet and its inhabitants. Under Felipe Rapucci’s guidance, Good Honest Tattoos is more than just a tattoo studio; it’s a beacon of creativity, honesty, and social responsibility, striving to make a lasting impact on both an individual and community level.

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