Organically-grown MaTo Hemp Wash Bar Ideal For Sensitive & Dry Skin

The MaTo Hemp Wash Bar cleanses and hydrates your skin in a way that other soap and body care products simply cannot.

The age-old, unique remedial qualities of New Zealand’s own manuka honey have been used for centuries. Where MaTo is making the difference is combining manuka with the revered, yet humble hemp seed as it continues its meteoric rise as a proven curative and restorative agent. Both of which are renowned for their antibacterial, anti-ageing and antimicrobial properties. At MaTo, uniting the gentle force of these two highly therapeutic and effective nutrient profiles into one, makes sense. Naturally.

All the ingredients of the Mato Hemp Wash Bar are grown organically and naturally in New Zealand without any herbicides and pesticides which makes this an all-natural soap and is very important for a product that is used on your skin. MaTo is proud to source hemp seed oil from Greenfern Industries, a New Zealand owned and operated company that cold-press their crop from their Normanby, Taranaki fields.

MaTo is a Māori word, for the verb ‘to flourish’ – implying that this is what your skin will do when taken care of regularly with the Hemp Wash Bar. Matomato is another Māori word that also inspired the company name, meaning lush, rich, full of vigour – the implication being the cleansing your skin will feel after using it often.

The parent company of MaTo is Greenfern Industries (GFI), a New Zealand company which is based in Normanby, South Taranaki.

Greenfern Industries is a medical cannabis company specialising in various hemp products. Both MaTo and Greenfern Industries are B Corps certified. 

According to who presents this certification, any company that achieves this credential is “… a business [that] is meeting high standards of verified performance, accountability, and transparency on factors from employee benefits and charitable giving to supply chain practices and input materials.” 

That means the MaTo Hemp Wash Bar is not just a great product it also comes from a reputable company that treats their staff well and cares for the environment. 

GFI even has their own hydroelectric power station with which they generate their own renewable electricity. Making them one of the most sustainable businesses possible.

The Hemp Wash Bar is available for purchase from their online shop, with free shipping to all urban New Zealand customers. The product is also available in Europe, North America and Asia. 

The MaTo Hemp Wash Bar is a great gift, especially for loved ones or a treat for yourself.

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