Together we got this, Thru Thicc and Thinn

During the second level four lockdown a hopeful and determined mother began to build on her passions and plan her brand, all while juggling four young children she managed to find time for herself and hopes to share this passion with others. Once an active lifestyle enthusiast, now a proud mother Toni Philips (Pictured) has been on an unfamiliar journey since the diagnosis of her son’s ASD. Toni Philips hopes to help others that find themselves in similar circumstances and has taken back her power and rediscovered herself brighter than before. With a passion for bath and body products as well as men’s barbering, she has created her brand and continues to grow through her passion.

With the name Thru Thicc and Thinn inspired by her son who is on the autism spectrum she believes that although life throws us new challenges every day she believes in the saying “together we got this.” With an open mind and still plenty of her journey ahead of her Toni Philips “hopes to build a community that openly supports others and their journey, whatever that may be.”

With hopes of having a showing at the next Women’s Expo held in august, Toni Philips hopes to run giveaway competitions providing her products as prizes or a membership to the local gym to encourage a healthy lifestyle throughout her community. Amongst her product range, her creativity extends to producing body scrubs, bath salts, men’s care, and much more solely designed and manufactured by herself with extreme care. With a colourful and charitable outlook here believes in giving back to her community and has enjoyed and contributed to the charity People Helping People.

To build support throughout her community Toni Philips has hopes for a coffee group for those that would like to join and discuss their self-care. She has hopes that this could help others with their journey raising a child with ASD and provide a safe space for fathers to share their thoughts and opinions. Toni Philips believes a retreat for dads where they could “re-evaluate and clear the mind” for the road ahead of them would be a valuable experience #mindsetcheck.

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