Overhauls on oil free and oil injected screw elements explained in new video from Leading worldwide industrial giant Atlas Copco New Zealand.

Ralph Wolhuter the Regional Operations Manager at Upper North Island

Overhauls will give your machine another life says Ralph Wolhuter the Regional Operations Manager at Upper North Island for Industrial products and solutions giant Atlas Copco New Zealand in their exciting new video. 

 “Overhauls service is condition based activity are a part of a preventive maintenance plan,” says Ralph. Atlas Copco now offers a whole new level of service with their complete overhaul program.

Atlas Copco New Zealand’s industry leading overhaul service has been expertly designed to give the vital organs of your machine a new life by re-establishing the high-quality and reliable standards of a new machine.

“We open up the compressor element and have a look at the internal condition the rotors and polish them if needed, and we also change all the bearings,” comments Ralph. 

Atlas Copco’s high-quality spare parts guarantees that your equipment will remain fully functional between maintenance jobs.

“We recommend doing all overhauls at the Atlas Copco workshop as we’ve got a clean environment, all the specialised tools and work benches need to complete the overhaul to Atlas Copco’s high standards,” adds Ralph. 

After overhaul, your equipment is back to optimum condition which maximizes the value of the machine and extends its lifetime.

A mixture of genuine parts, hands on experience and unparalleled product knowledge, means that with Atlas Copco’s New Zealand’s overhaul service you can be rest assured that your machine’s performance and productivity.

Atlas Copco New Zealand’s commitment to quality assurance and customer service means regular access to servicing, upgrade and repair services across New Zealand. 

To discover more about how Atlas Copco New Zealand skilfully completes overhauls on oil free and oil injected screw elements, check out their new video here: (video link)

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