The benefits of generating your own nitrogen for laser applications with Leading worldwide industrial giant Atlas Copco New Zealand.

Industrial products and solutions giant Atlas Copco New Zealand’s state of the art products are leading the way for nitrogen generation for on-site for laser applications.

One of the benefits of using nitrogen for laser cutting is that it prevents oxidation. “This is due to its inert properties, as nitrogen allows the laser to operate in an oxygen-free environment without the risk of oxidation,” says Yuri Reijmer, Managing Director at Atlas Copco New Zealand. Oxidation occurs causes a carbon layer to form on the cut edge which results in problems such as poor product finish and adhesion issues. High purity 99.999% gas available.

To stop the laser beam from distorting and to maintain power and concentration, the area needs to be kept clear of dirt and other contaminants. This is where another benefit of using nitrogen for

laser cutting comes into play, as it can help purge the laser beam. “Nitrogen is the perfect medium to use for beam guide-way purging as it is dry, clean, oil-free and has low contaminant content,” adds Yuri.

Atlas Copco New Zealand offer you on demand nitrogen with this plug and play solution. “This is sized to match your laser cutter, so you will never need to empty your bottles or refill during busy production hours,” adds Yuri.  With this system, there is no need to buy separate compressors and equipment. It can easily modified and upgraded exactly when you need it.

Generating nitrogen can also save you money, as nitrogen gas has some of the highest costs when it comes to laser cutting. You will also no longer have to deal with suppliers’ unpredictable price hikes. By generating your own Nitrogen you will positively affect your bottom line.

Also, by generating your own nitrogen means no more wasted time of ordering, changing and running out of bottles.

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