Swim, bike and run your way through New Zealand’s most fun and family friendly triathlon – The 2022 Piako Triathlon!

Taking place on Sunday 20 March 2022 at the Morrinsville Recreation Grounds, The Piako Triathlon has family-friendly distances, a beautiful venue, and a strong focus on the community spirit.

This is a great triathlon for beginners looking to dip their toes in the sport or anybody looking for a challenge with variety.  This triathlon is comprised of a pool swim, a scenic road ride, then a beautiful leafy run.  

“The location is stunning, and it makes for a safe place for both contenders and spectators. The central location gives everybody a chance to see what a triathlon is like,” says one of the event organisers, Louise Beer.

Contestants start their race in the outdoor pool or the learning pool. After they complete their distance, they will dash to their bike to race on tarmac and grass. Lastly, the contestants will have to run their final stretch across the finish line to complete the race.

The Piako Triathlon is a fun, local event that offers something for everyone. All the events are based on distances that are within reach of most people.

“Families return year after year and watch children grow in confidence as they advance through the junior courses to the adult ones,” adds Louise.

This event is for everyone from the ages of six and over. The junior and senior events are spaced out so everyone can cheer each other on to get across the line.

Since its inception in 2015, event organisers are seeing a lot more parents giving it a go and families doing a whole race together.

Dedicated to being inclusive as possible, the organisers have developed the event so as many people as possible can participate in the triathlon.  “We can cater for disabilities and are always happy to chat about how we can make the event work for anyone,” says Lousie.

Distance is not tied to age in order to make it a fun environment for everyone. If individual races are not for you, there are team races. So why not get together with a few mates and make a morning of it.

Previous years have sold out, so make sure you book in your spot when registration opens. “Previous years events have been really successful, as such we have limited numbers of 350 juniors and 100 adults. These two categories are usually sold out with only a few tickets left for other categories,” advises Louise.

You can register for the 2022 Piako Triathlon at https://piakotriathlon.co.nz/

Address: Morrinsville Recreation Grounds

Email: piakotriathlon@gmail.com

Phone: 027 226 5297

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/piakotriathlon/

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