Water blasting your house does more damage than good warns Rotorua’s leading commercial and house washing service, Exterior Washing Services.

The first impressions count, and the building, whether it’s a commercial or home, is no exception. Water blasters are very handy to have around for yard work such as cleaning fences, tiled surfaces and other similar areas outside. However, most houses should not be water blasted says Rotorua’s leading commercial and house washing service, Exterior Washing Services.

One of the main reasons is that your house is likely full of gaps, cracks and cavities which “when water is applied at high pressure or in the wrong direction can cause water to penetrate the walls of your house,” says Exterior Washing Services owner/operator, Johnny Saini.

This can have disastrous long-term effects on your house. Water damage and rot can quickly occur.

Your windows can also be problematic when sprayed with water at high pressure. “Older houses with timber windows are designed for the water to simply run down the windows not blasted directly at them,” comments Johnny.

Getting the kids to water blast the house is a great way to get them out of the house, but the potential damage they’ll do to the exterior will be worth more to fix than the pocket money you give them.

Water blasters are designed to clean dirt and grime from surfaces, however, they can also strip the paint from your home if not done correctly and that is a cost to repair you don’t want to have to pay!

“If you do not physically see paint comes off your walls when water blasting your house you will more than likely be wearing away at the top layer and leaving it worse off than when you set out to clean it in the first place. In an attempt to maintain your paint, you have has made it worse,” comments Johnny.

To avoid damaging the exterior of your house, an expert’s touch is required. Exterior washing services Rotorua are an experienced team of qualified, professional pressure washers with a range of services for cleaning your property. They use non-toxic, low pressure, and biodegradable products to dissolve the dirt and grime to get an exterior clean of building exteriors. Get in touch now for a free quote.

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