Day: October 13, 2020

Re-imagine your office space with SHARED – Provider of flexible working and serviced office spaces.

The way we work is changing. The office work space, as we know it, needs to be reinvented to increase productivity and minimise unused office areas, says Tauranga’s provider of flexible co-working spaces and office suites, Shared. This year has shown that, if you are able, many people can efficiently work from home. It’s got companies thinking about changing the traditional office working environment into a more flexible working space. Businesses are on the move


Stuff Video Misrepresents Challenge Fuel Station.

Challenge Whangamata is disappointed about a video on the Stuff website on Sunday October 11, which the owner believes is misrepresentative of his family-owned business in Whangamata. Challenge Whangamata Owner Simon Bratton said, since he had bought the Z petrol station on May 1, 2020, and rebranded it to Challenge, he had introduced a more competitive pricing strategy. “It used to be quite expensive here but six months on we have repaired the reputation