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The way we work is changing. The office work space, as we know it, needs to be reinvented to increase productivity and minimise unused office areas, says Tauranga’s provider of flexible co-working spaces and office suites, Shared.

This year has shown that, if you are able, many people can efficiently work from home. It’s got companies thinking about changing the traditional office working environment into a more flexible working space.

Businesses are on the move with major companies like AMP Wealth Management deciding to relocate out of its Auckland and Wellington central city offices. “And it’s not just locally if you look to trends overseas you can see major companies are re-imaging their traditional workspace,” says Tony Snow, Founder and Director at Shared Workspaces.

Facebook says that it foresees half its employees working remotely permanently within the next 10 years and a Microsoft-commissioned survey discovered that 71% of managers and employees want to work from home post-pandemic.

So, it begs the question of what to do with all that empty office space and how can companies adapt?

Converting office buildings into residential apartments has been one popular solution to the empty office space – as well solving New Zealand’s housing issue. A key factor is looking at the size of the floor plate of the building, and if it could simply be split up into symmetrical residential units.

Residential units in Wellington and Auckland sell for between $12,000 and $17,000 a square metre. “Looking at the numbers, it might cost up to $4000/sqm to do a residential conversion – add the cost of buying the building, and the developer’s margin,” adds Tony. Obviously, challenges are varied from project to project but those types of conversions can be costly – however they’re less expensive than building from scratch.

Office workspaces that survived the pandemic and lockdown will probably look much different from what employees remember. In a recent article from Stuff AMP said its staff didn’t want to return to the old ways of working, and the company will soon move into a smaller meeting-based site.

The same article reported that Kelvin Davidson, senior property economist at CoreLogic, said that because people work a few days at home and a few days in the office, companies still needed enough space for employees.

A survey by Colliers Workplace team found that half of the respondents were able to maintain or increase their productivity while at home, but 41 per cent found social interaction was better at the office.

“Flexible working spaces, like here at Shared, can provide additional space or smaller space for teams to work in,” says Angeline Williams, Member and Facility Manager at Shared Workspaces. With flexible working you can have your traditional workspaces such as in-office building or a home office, but also have a secondary space where you can hire equipment, ideas, and knowledge.


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