Stuff Video Misrepresents Challenge Fuel Station.

Challenge Whangamata is disappointed about a video on the Stuff website on Sunday October 11, which the owner believes is misrepresentative of his family-owned business in Whangamata.

Challenge Whangamata Owner Simon Bratton said, since he had bought the Z petrol station on May 1, 2020, and rebranded it to Challenge, he had introduced a more competitive pricing strategy.

“It used to be quite expensive here but six months on we have repaired the reputation of the site.”

Challenge Fuel is an independent company which has 80 petrol stations nationwide, making up for just 2% of the market.

Bratton said his 91 Unleaded Petrol today was actually 2 cents cheaper than Katikati, 7 cents cheaper than Whitianga and 18 cents cheaper than Hahei – and only 1 cent dearer than Waihi, not the 30 cents implied by the video.

“It costs more to get fuel here than Waihi.   The focus should be more on the fact that it’s competitive.”

Bratton said he was not happy about the way his business was used as an example of high petrol prices.

“There is no way they should be using my site and reputation as an example of an uncompetitive practice.”.